" In this incomprehensible landscape, only the sea is horizontal, while all that is land is almost perpendicular."
(Astolphe de Custine)

When you think of Positano, you imagine an intricate maze of cobbled streets, overlooked by whitewashed homes and sumptuous eighteenth-century baroque residences climbing the hillside, and renowned artisans' shops displaying ceramics, leather sandals and light, floral-patterned linen dresses. And then, the sun's rays filtered through pergolas of exuberant bougainvillea, artists painting in streets glimpsing a unique landscape suspended between sky and sea, romantic sunsets over the Spiaggia Grande (Great Beach), looking out over the scenic Amalfi coast and the nearby islands of Li Galli - inhabited, according to legend, by the sirens who lured sailors to their doom with their melodious songs.

Located in a recently renovated 19th century Mediterranean residence, Villa Mary Suites offers a peaceful and relaxing stay in the pearl of the Divine Coast, immersed in a worldly atmosphere of almost magical features, composed of intense scents, warm colors, age-old traditions and deep emotions. Welcome to Villa Mary. Welcome to Positano.

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